Why Architectural 2000?

  • This is a REVOLUTIONARY ALTERNATIVE to traditional plaster and wood and is the way of the future for the Modern Home. Architectural 2000 is so much simpler and easier to use than its counterparts. Why use them?
  • It has many ADVANTAGES over other comparable materials which are used for architectural products.
  • It looks like plaster but in fact it is much tougher because it is produced from Extruded Polystyrene. While plaster, if dropped will crack, the Architectural 2000 will not as it will literally "lightly bounce" on from the floor. There will also be no need to employ anyone after fixing to repair any damages which normally occurs with plaster or wood, so saving time and money.
  • Meantime it has all the BENEFITS of wood but none of the disadvantages such as splitting, rotting or cracking!
  • A beautiful feature of Architectural 2000 is that it is READY TO PAINT and does not require any preparation. Other architectural products have to be prepared first before being painted.
  • In fact, we have saved you the trouble as some of our mouldings are ALREADY foiled with a FINISHED painted effect leaving you with nothing to do. Now that's unique!
  • We have even gone further. Some of our Skirting, Architrave, Scotia and Quadrants have been finished exactly the same so that they can all be used together and will match. Just choose the finish; whether it is beech, mahogany, oak or white and then you can have the same finish fixed to the wall. All done for you by us, without having to employ someone to paint them for you. These popular colours have been chosen so that they can blend in with other finishes in the room such as floors etc.
  • Being plastic, it is FLEXIBLE and so will fit tightly even on those imperfect walls. Once glued, simply push hard into position on the wall as it will bend around most uneven surfaces in a straight wall. Plaster and wood cannot bend and so the walls will have to be plastered first in order to make them flat. With Architectural 2000, this is an unnecessary task, so saving lots of time and money.
  • Architectural 2000 is MOISTURE RESISTANT and can be used in areas of high humidity without having to be treated first.
  • Being DURABLE and LIGHTWEIGHT, it's so easy for:-
    1. TRANSPORT. This is not possible with plaster which would crack, but ours will not and will cost much to ship because it’s so light
    2. STORAGE. This is now not a problem for the distributor or builder as it will not damage. If all the stock is not used on a specific job, now, you are safe to store it and use on a future one.
    3. HANDLING. Normally plaster and wood being heavy requires one builder at each end of the length to hold and then fix. Not so for Architectural 2000, one man can now do the job of two.
    4. APPLY. Just one man can fix it to the wall.
  • NAILING IS NOT NECESSARY. It's so easy to glue with a 'no nails' adhesive. Then, simply place into position to fix. We offer our own brand of glue called "Emabond" (code: 9991013). However, you can still screw and nail Architectural 2000 into position if you wish.
  • These features mean the Architectural 2000 range provides high QUALITY mouldings with a CONSISTENT finish and still COMPETITIVELY priced.
  • Because we are the manufacturers, our whole range is kept in STOCK and is available for immediate delivery.


  • Bespoke LABELLING and packaging available.
  • Lengths can be SHRINK WRAPPED complete with FIXING INSTRUCTIONS.
  • Lengths are BAR CODED to display individual identification labels.
  • PALLETISING available for easy and safe transport direct to your door.
    • The Architectural 2000 range of Skirting Boards is an exciting way to decorate the home.
    • Available in 5 colours:- Beech, Golden Oak, Mahogany, Oak and White.
    • These colours are co-ordinated to match architrave, Scotia and quadrants that have also been finished in the same colours. Just choose a colour and you can match them all
    • Available in 2 plain designs:- Ogee and Torus
    • Available in 3 lengths: - 2.92m (for the regular user) and some in 5mtr lengths (for the manufacturer). 2m length is only available in the 569 profile.
    • A great advantage over plaster and wooden skirting is that we have designed our skirting boards with a recess in the back. This allows for cables and wires to be easily hidden from view.
    • Even though it is plastic and we do provide our own filler, they will accept a standard filler.
    • A range of Quadrants and Scotias designed for the wood flooring market which makes it ideal for the trade or DIY.
    • These strong flexible lightweight mouldings are produced in durable wood grain foils and have been selected to match the most popular flooring finishes.
    • Quadrants available in 6 colours:- Beech, Cherry (or Chestnut), Golden Oak, Mahogany, Oak and White
    • Available in 2m lengths
    • The different finishes of our Quadrants and Scotias means they can be used as a trim for a laminated floor
    • Available in 5 designs:- Beads & Flat, Egg & Dart, Fluted, Rope and Plain
    • The Rope and Egg and Dart designs match those of the Cornice profile. So, you can co-ordinate both in one room set.
    • Available in 2 lengths:- 2m and 5m
    • A range of classic and modern designs
    • All competitively priced
    • All the above features and benefits apply to our Ceiling Roses. Breakage, cracking, too heavy, damp, etc are all in the past when you use Architectural 2000
    • All surfaces should be clean and dry. Please sand first any previously painted area so as to improve cohesion.
    • Cut the moulding using a conventional handsaw with a suitable mitre block (we have 4" & 7" blocks available).
    • Alternatively, use a circular mitre saw fitted with the correct blade for cutting plastics.
    • We recommend using a liquid nails solvent-free glue, also available from Emafyl or any major DIY store.
    • Then, clean off any surplus adhesive with a damp sponge.
    • Apply normal wood or plaster filler where necessary.
    • Architectural 2000 can be mechanically fixed using conventional screws or nails. For uneven surfaces, it maybe necessary to use screws or nails to hold the moulding in position, and these can then be filled.
    • For further information or technical assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us at Head Office.